Specialized Billing and Coding Services for Urological Practice.

Reliable and specialized urological billing services. Whether it is improving your clean claim submission rates, enhancing  patient experience or reducing operational cost, BMB Urology Billing Services will always stand out.

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How are we Helping Urologists

Why Choose BMB Experts for Urology Medical Billing

Streamline Workflow

With the help of BMB experts you can streamline your workflow, it’s not just reducing administrative tasks. Our experts would help you in using EHR more efficiently, submitting claims timely, proper A/R follow ups, resulting in optimized workflow.

Complete Transparency

We provide our clients with weekly and monthly reports that contain everything from claim submissions to financial health. These reports not only depict transparency but also help us to understand the business better and analyze future directions.

Reliable Support

When you are dealing with so many things, getting confused is obvious in these scenarios, which is why BMB will assign a dedicated support team that will assist you anytime you need and make sure that you don't get stuck during main tasks.

Boost your revenue

Our certified coders will use ICD -10 and CPT codes directly from your lab or any other reports that help in achieving greater reimbursements. Whether it is doing documentation with accuracy, initial verification of patients, following regulations properly, all these things contribute to an increased revenue.

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Urology Coding and Billing Complete Solutions

Pediatric Urology

With the help of Certified Coders not only increase your accuracy but also enhance your speed of submission.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Get all of your problems solved under one roof and that too at a much more effective price when compared to others.

Urologic Oncology

Experience the first class billing cycle, thanks to our top notch Urology Billing Team.

Reconstructive Urology

Our experts will first understand your workflow process and then craft a personalized strategy that best suits your needs.

Female Urology

Efficient and Aligned Workflow that will free you up from billing and coding complexities.


Scale your business and build a strong reputation, thanks to BMB expertise that are here for your growth.

Why Choose Us for Urology Medical Billing Services

HIPAA Compliant

Industry Experience

AAPAC & AHIMA Certified Coders

Maximum Reimbursement

Smooth EHR Integration

Use of Advance Tech

Rapid Implementation

Benefits of Partnering with our Billing Company

Data Security

Around 46 Healthcare data Breaches were done during February 2022 alone

We have built robust security systems to make sure, transferring of data
isn’t interrupted by any cyber attack. Moreover we have information security workshops giving extensive security training to our new professionals.

It’s estimated that around 30% of healthcare revenue is lost due to inefficient medical billing practices

The above stats isn’t just a number instead it shows how alarming the situation is. Industry leaders like BMB have set up a team of experts that are passionately working in streamlining the documentation, verification checks, Claim Submission etc.

Medical Billing Outsourcing Industry market size is growing  3.3% per year on average between 2016 & 2021.

Unlike many billing companies, BMB isn’t here to sell only expensive services, instead we offer A to Z solutions. This avoids multiple vendor partnerships which causes confusions and unaligned work systems.

Start Getting Reimbursed in the 1st Month With BMB's Urology Billing Service

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