The Best Medical Billing Services for Small Practices

Our medical billing services extend beyond the routine tasks of claim submission and payment posting. For small practices, we also provide guidance on efficiency, scalability, and financial fitness.

Like a personal trainer crafting a customized fitness plan, we assess each practice’s unique needs and challenges. With proper attention to detail, we design streamlined workflows to strengthen your foundations. Consider us your billing experts and partners in practice prosperity.

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Affordable, Scalable and Specialized Solutions for Small Practices

Specialty Focused

In this tailored program, we design special plans for small practices. Modules such as spotting deficiencies, executing tactics, and managing growth are offered alongside medical billing services.

Superior Technology Capabilities

We manage your business with state-of-the-art software that enhances efficiency of the process and paces up the time. The main aim of incorporating these superior tech software is to improve your cash flow and optimize your workflow.

HIPAA Compliant

In recent years, cyberattacks have massively increased in the healthcare sectors. Fortunately BMB is not only a HIPAA compliant organization that has taken massive security measures but we have added several security scrutiny creating a multi layered protection system.

Complete Solution Under One Roof

Customized Solutions

Our experts will go through your practice’s workflow comprehensively and analyze the loopholes, this helps us to craft a unique & customized solution. Moreover, we will also define the implementation strategies with you.

Strong Verification Checks

Many practices face denial due to eligibility which can be avoided with a simple and strong verification check. Our Prior Authorization team checks the patient eligibility and only after ensuring will give the practitioner a green signal.

Effective Medical Billing

We align and optimize your billing services to make sure your main operations are efficient and streamlined. From Front desk to Financial reporting our experts manage it all. With an aim to improve your collections by reducing denials.

Accurate Medical Coding

You will also get access to our AHIMA Certified coders that will help you in achieving timely reimbursements by converting your prescriptions into ICD -10 and CPT codes. This not only avoids compliance issues but also results in better reimbursements.

Payment Posting

Our experts would check your payment receipt and upon confirmation of payment we will check the payment splits, if any patient payments are present we would send them and email the receipt of service charge to ensure transparency.

Analytics and Reporting

Comprehensive and Transparent reports will be shared to practices which will help them analyze their financial performance & identify areas for improvement. These reports will be provided weekly, monthly and on an annual basis.

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How is BMB Helping Small Practices to Scale?

We aim to optimize and automate administrative and billing workflows, straightening them out before scaling up. Our passionate, experienced professionals across departments are committed to growing your practice.

Once we understand your workflows, a customized strategy would be developed. Claim submission, denial management, and payment posting would then be automated using advanced tech. Specialists in compliance, auditing and billing would continuously monitor the system to guarantee proper optimization.

Perks of Partnering with BMB

Medical Audits

Our auditing team on a weekly basis does the auditing of each and every process ensuring that the system hasn’t made any errors and provides an implementable solution that will help in changing the landscape of your practice.

Claim Scrubbing

Before submitting the claims, our scrubbing team will ensure that there aren’t any errors. Not only will these claims be checked manually but thanks to our advanced software an extra layer of scrutiny will be done.

No Compliance Issues

Moreover, our compliance
team will always be there to deal with compliance related tasks, healthcare regulations are not only hard to implement but they are prone to constant changes.

Follow-Up and Appeals

We have dedicated A/R Specialists who are constantly monitoring the denials and are making sure that
the denied claims aren’t left ignored instant they are timely processed for better and timely reimbursements.

Are you looking for a service that not only aligns with your billing goals but also administrative tasks? Well, not just that. BMB also helps you optimize your finances and scale your business.

We are glad that you have landed in the right place and our experts are here to sort out your problems once and for all. Just click the button below to start your journey.

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