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Top Quality Medical Billing Services for Your Practice

We offer the best Medical Billing Services at the most competitive rates. We’re not trying to sell you software or tie you into a long-term contract. We offer medical billing services that are suited to your specific requirements. With a customer-focused workforce, we deal with the majority of software platforms. We are the true billing experts.

Medical Billing

Our top medical billing services serve our clients in obtaining the most money while reducing their expenses. We don't just monitor your account; we administer it regularly.

Medical Coding

Our certified medical coding professionals provide customized ICD, CPT, and HCPCS coding solutions for every type of medical facility. Please contact us if you require coding assistance.

AR Recovery

Best Medical Billing specializes in ageing patient accounts receivable recovery. Every old claim is pursued by our committed team of Aging A/R professionals to assist you in the best possible way.

Best Medical Billing Services You can Rely On

We provide end-to-end revenue cycle management. We can handle your credentialing, enrollment, and coding, as well as claims submission, rejections, denials, appeals, and patient calls. Consider us to be an extension of your company. 

Credentialing and Enrollment

Our credentialing and enrollment team handles this time-consuming process using its extensive knowledge in various areas and ensures effective credentialing and enrollment.


The majority of providers’ do their coding. However, if your practice needs coding assistance, we have Certified Coders on hand with a wide range of expert programmers that can assist you in maximizing revenue.

Charge Entry

For each patient, you will give us demographic and charge information. Our allocated billers enter charges daily, and the manager audits claims at random to ensure accuracy of patients’ details and amount.

Claims Submission

Our billing professionals ensure that clean claims are submitted using our scrubbing process. If there are any rejections, re-submission is done the same day following revisions.

Payment Posting

ERAs and EOBs are checked and posted as soon as possible. The patient's account is updated with the remaining amounts. We double-check that each claim is being paid correctly.

Denials and Appeals

Our A/R staff look over each denial and take the necessary steps. Our accounts receivable professionals address any errors and resubmit the claims, as well as file an appeal if necessary.

Patient Statements

If a patient balance remains after appropriate reimbursement from all payers, patient statements are issued. Patient statement with explanation and balance is prepared in an easy-to-read patient-friendly format.


We may provide bi-weekly or monthly reports for your clinic, depending on your preferences. We can also tailor reports to your practice's specific requirements showing a detailed picture of the situation.

Patient Inquiries

Bestmedicalbilling has a patient helpdesk team to answer patient calls. They are capable of answering any queries you have about the patient's remarks that enable you to concentrate on other aspects of your practice.

Medical billing service

Why Best Medical Billing?

We are well-versed in Value-Based Care programs and reporting options. The covered programs include PQRS, MACRA, QPP, and reporting systems such as MIPS and APMs.

We're not a one-size-fits-all business. To provide the finest services for your clinic, we follow your instructions and guide you according to the situation. Please get in touch with us right away.

We’ll work keeping in mind your preferences. We've worked with a variety of Practice Management, EHR, Billing, and Clearinghouse systems. You are not required to switch to another system. If you want to make a change, we can recommend a software system that is right for you. We can also work with paper superbills.

Our top priority is to give outstanding customer service to our clients. You can reach us via phone, email, or text messaging. We aren't like other billing businesses that take days to respond to your questions. We promptly respond to your emails and texts.

We provide fully customized financial reports and updated status of claims. You will be able to monitor them at any time. We may also provide bi-weekly or monthly reports that are tailored to your needs. We try to give the best services to our clients while remaining completely transparent.

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