Transform your Practice with Experienced Rehab Billing & Coding Services

With BMB’s Specialized Rehab Medical Billing Services experience the significant increase in collections and a perfectly aligned workflow.

Outsource all your Rehab Administrative and billing services so that you can focus on things that matters.

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How are we helping Psychiatrist to Stand Out from their Peers

Reduce Administrative Burden

Outsourcing can decrease staff turnover by 10-20%, as employees are less burdened by billing responsibilities.

Medical billing is a process of more than a dozen steps that needs high precision and proper time due to which many psychiatrists get easily burdened.  Resulting in frustration affecting patient experience.

Reducing Billing Errors

Billing errors can be reduced by 50% or more when outsourcing thanks to the specialized expertise of professional billing companies.

Here at BMB we operate with multiple clients everyday which is why we have built networks of different software that ensures that claims are passed through various checkpoints enhancing precision.

Access to Expert Consultants

After outsourcing their billing processes, 82% of healthcare providers reported improved patient satisfaction.

Medical Billing comprises several complex pieces that are frequently updated by changing regulations. In this scenario relying on a newly hired In- house team poses a significant risk of increased denials and compliance related issues.

Access more than 10 Services

63% of healthcare providers find that outsourcing their billing services has given them a boost in productivity.

From Front Desk to Financial Reports, BMB provides you a dozen services under the medical billing segment that help psychiatrists to increase their productivity in things that they passionately do.

Complete A TO Z Rehab Billing Services

Fast Payment Procedures

Our experts will optimize and streamline your workflows resulting in accurate coding procedures and aligned billing documentation.


Getting your billing issues sorted out opens a whole new opportunity of scalability and unprecedented growth

Cost Effective

Employee cost, tech hardware and software, a proper office setup, and maintenance etc can cost thousands of dollars.

Better Patient Care

With all your administrative and billing tasks being efficiently managed you have ample time to provide better patient care.

Lets Optimize Your Rehab Billing

A physiatrist does multiple procedures every day, so dedicated support is crucial to improve productivity.

Rehabilitation medical procedures encompass many subservices needing particular codes and modifiers. One error could disrupt everything.

With these many complexities, it is vital to avoid any risks. At BMB, we have experts managing each aspect of billing and coding. To maintain accuracy and speed, we implement various layers of checks performed manually and using advanced technology.

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Get Your Rehab Billing & Coding Issues Sorted

Errors due to Insurance Coverage

Not having a dedicated Insurance plan for rehab related services have disturbed the financial cycle of many healthcare facilities. Here at BMB we make sure that eligibility criteria is properly met to avoid denials.

Comprehensive Reporting

With the help of advanced softwares, monthly, quarterly and annual reports will be provided showing your complete financial health, the loopholes that need improvement. Each and Every Information that a Rehab Specialist needs to optimize the workflow.

Changing Regulations

Services like Rehab have a cluster of services  that is heavily monitored by regulatory departments which is why they are prone to quick updates. Fortunately BMB compliance experts regularly audits the coding, documentation and updating other departments.

Rapid Implementation

Here at BMB we believe that Action speaks louder than words, which is why immediately after understanding the business objectives, implementation will be done. This not only enhances the pace but also helps us to identify loopholes rapidly.

What Services Does BMB Provide?

Eligibility Check

Compliant CPT Codes

Charge Entry

Claim Submission

Denial Management

AR Follow Ups

Claim Scrubbing

Specialized Cardiology Solutions

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