Get Customized Radiology Medical Billing Services

Our Specialized Radiology billing experts will help you in resolving revenue leaks, optimizing medical billing workflow, crafting customized strategies for financial growth and much more.

How Our Radiology Billing Services Help?

Radiology Medical Coding

BMB understands very well how broad the Radiology Field is, from Head and Neck radiology to Nuclear radiology. This makes radiology billing and coding one of the most complex operations. But no need to worry when you are with BMB... whether it is computed tomography scans, magnetic resonance imaging or ultrasounds.

Need Of Advance Billing Technology

According to a Hawassa University teaching hospital survey, there were around 500 daily patient visits out of which 70 were related to only radiology. This shows how much workload radiologists face and the urgent need to cater to this. Our billing experts have systems that can manage multiple claim submissions per day.

Aligning Radiology Practice Workflow

Radiology medical billing is filled with complex processes, which is why it is important for radiologists to deeply research billing companies before choosing anyone. BMB has a special edge over competitors & that is understanding radiology processes much better whether it is compiling dozens of documents, doing radiology specified coding, managing multiple claim submissions etc.

Comprehensive Radiology
Medical Billing Service

Our expert billers are here to help radiologists to increase cash flow and streamline workflow. Strong eligibility verifications, multiple claim submissions per day, A/R management, accurate coding and timely payment posting. A comprehensive medical billing radiology package that aims to free up time for radiologists and focus on things that matters.

Radiologist Virtual Assistants

Our experts are not only managing the billing and coding part, instead we are radiologist virtual assistants who are passionately working to help your practice grow and increase significant cash flow. Apart from billing and coding duties we provide valuable financial tips and dedicated support that will help you in every aspect of your practice eventually resulting in a strong workflow process.

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What Things Do We Manage?

Registering Patients

Asking and collecting patient’s information which includes past medical history, demographics etc.

In Compliance Coding

Converting radiology lab reports and prescriptions into CPT and ICD 10 coding resulting in faster and higher reimbursements.

Denial Management

There might be chances of denials too, so to cater this we have a strong denial management team that will check the denials and make considerate improvements.

Prior Authorizations

Checking Patient eligibility for further insurance process, ensuring denial rates are optimized.

Radiology Charge Entries

Compiling documentation that contains charges you need to claim from insurance companies.

A/R Follow Ups

Our A/R managers will be responsible for managing and arranging the denied claims to send them on an appropriate date for timely reimbursements.

Payment Postings

Payments flow is properly monitored: outstanding dues are paid to patients and remaining payment is submitted to provider.

Claim Scrubbing

Before submitting claims, it will be passed through various checks ensuring that claims are left with little to no errors.

EHR Training

We will help radiologists to understand and use EHR software efficiently whether it is appointment scheduling, providing prescriptions or analyzing reports.

A Complete Lab Billing Solution for Radiologists

Interventional Radiology

With the help of AAPAC Certified Coders get access to specialized IR procedures codes that assists in getting timely reimbursement.

Pediatric Radiology

Reduce your denial rates up to 70% through timely claim submission and solid verification checks.

Diagnostic Radiology

With the help of AAPAC Certified Coders get access to specialized IR procedures codes that assists in getting timely reimbursement.

Musculoskeletal Radiology

Improve your collection rate through personalized strategy and top-notch support team that are present round-the-clock. 

Cardiothoracic Radiology

We understand the importance of cardio related professions due to increasing heart related issues. The BMB team stands on its toes to make sure your business stays healthy and safe.

Head and Neck Anatomy

Being a HIPAA Compliant Organization shows how strict Best Medical Billing is when it comes to security.

Abdominal Radiology

With the help of a streamlined billing process enhance your patients experience and staff productivity.

Medical Imaging

We help our partners to stay in compliance in each and every matter that not only saves you from damaged reputation but also improves your reimbursement rates.

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