Physical Therapy Billing Services for Therapists

Physical therapy billing is challenging and might lead to multiple denials and increased billing costs. Our dedicated managers actively manage the whole revenue collection process from eligibility verification to reducing denials to maximizing reimbursements.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Your Physical Therapy Billing to BMB

Powerful RCM Toolset

Our practice management system has an embedded RCM toolset that covers various tasks from scheduling to collecting payments via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFTs). We streamline your healthcare and revenue cycles, eventually improving the productivity and financial performance of your physical therapy practice.

Expert Billers and Coders

We have a team of medical billers & coders, certified by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). They instantly know the ICD-10 and CPT codes for physical therapy diseases and treatment procedures, which allows us to submit faster and cleaner claims.

Prior Eligibility Verification Services

According to a survey, around 75% of claims get denied due to insurance ineligibility issues of the rendered physical therapy services. We take over the hassle of dealing with insurers and verify the insurance eligibility prior to the services provided.

Expedited Reimbursements

At BMB we make sure your practice has a high first pass rate of 98% and a reduced denial rate of 5%. To implement this we file timely and accurate claims. Our billing expertise, top-notch resources, and coding knowledge pave the way for a successful financial future.

What to Expect After Outsourcing Physical Therapy Medical Billing Services to BMB?

Time, Money, and Energy Efficient

Outsourcing billing is cost-effective plus it saves you the time to focus on other medical tasks. Time is money in the claims management process and we don’t want your staff to spend unlimited energy doing it all wrong.

Ensure Security and Transparent

The security and transparency of your physical therapy medical billing must be reliant. With the latest HIPAA-compliant software stringent data privacy and security are maintained protecting encryption, access controls, and audit logs.

Shared Administrative Challenges

Physical therapy practices have unlimited administrative burdens that can divert your attention to the hassle of collecting payments, dealing with insurance companies, and more.

Integrated EHR Software

Our MU3 Certified EHR software is integrated with the medical billing system and this integration shortens the time and process of claim filing. This integrated platform ensures faster and more accurate data transfer.

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Offering All-in-one Medical Billing Services for your Physical Therapy Practice

BMB gives your practice access to an advanced cloud-based Practice Management System and integrated EHR software that enhances the first-pass rate to 98%. With more than 10+ years of experience and our industry-leading technology, we optimize the billing and RCM efficiency of your physical therapy practice.

Our certified coders use the systems involved in physical therapy billing i.e.; ICD-10, HCPCS, and CPT which are compliant with the latest regulatory changes in the coding department. We ensure accurate coding that prepares the ground for the accuracy of the next steps in the submission process.

Why Choose Best Medical Billing for Physical Therapy Billing Services

Round-the-Clock Support

We are not going to leave your medical practice stranded, our dedicated support team is working 24/7 ensuring that your doubts or issues are properly and timely resolved. We are standing on our toes for your business growth

Favorable Prices

No hidden or startup charges, a small chunk of your medical practice will be our total fees. This small percentage will give you access to an experienced team, latest technology, solid customized strategy and strong support.

HIPAA Compliant

BMB is a HIPAA compliant billing company which means our organization perfectly matches the security checkups of regulatory bodies. Moreover we have also introduced an extra layer of security checkups to keep your data safe.

What Services Does BMB Provide?


Manual therapy


Occupational Therapy

Physical medicine and rehabilitation



Vestibular rehabilitation

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