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Complex billing tasks need not chain you down when an easy, budget-friendly option exists – handing over your complete administrative and billing workload. Unshackle yourself from these challenges and achieve tidy books through outsourcing’s helping hand.

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The Importance of Outsourcing your Billing Tasks?

Reduce Administrative Burdens

The Medical Billing process contains more than a dozen processes and each of them require precision. Handling them alone or using a few staff members isn’t going to reduce the burden. This affects the workflow resulting in reduced productivity and loss of revenue due to inefficiencies.

Avail the Expertise

With talents honed over years of practice, third party medical billers dedicate their days to serving all manner of healthcare facilities and professionals, taking on a great many jobs. Their wealth of experience paired with reasonable rates make outsourcing to them a wise decision.

Better Patient Experience

Patient experience enhances when you are free of administrative burdens, claim and coding errors, documentation inefficiencies, late reimbursements. In simple terms your billing and administrative process is streamlined , this helps in enhancing patient experience and gives you more time to take care of your patients.

In-House Billing vs Outsourced Billing

In House


Operating Cost


Higher costs due to the need for office, equipment and staff.


Much lower costs as you do not need any physical space.



Its relatively harder to hire experts as they prefer working for large facilities and billing companies.


Certified and Experienced professionals that handle dozens of tasks daily.



Need more resources like office, tables, systems etc


No need for resources as everything is handled by the partner.



Due to lack of experience and proper resources inefficiencies are common.


Thanks to experts and solid tech equipment, errors are minimized.



More time consumption due to staff management.


Less time consumption as you are free from staff management.

How to Choose between Medical Billing Outsourcing Companies

Services Offered

What services does this billing company outsource? Which services do we need? These are some of the questions that need to be answered. First thing is to look at the company’s services. Why? Because most of the billing companies provide only certain services. This may not benefit you in the long run because in such scenarios you need multiple partners for managing the billing procedures.

Services Cost

The prices are mostly charged according to the revenue and most likely would be a certain percentage. However, it is important to make sure that the prices are fair and according to industry standards. It's better to choose a customized plan or percentage of revenue model, which we personally believe is the best pricing model for physicians.

Transparency Status

Many of you might think, is it really that important? A big Yes, in most cases you aren’t visiting their office or regularly meeting physically with the management. Best way to understand the status is clear communication, their reviews, their industry experience and seriousness regarding tasks. Moreover, avoid long term contracts at first to ensure their service quality and clear cut statement of no hidden charges.

HIPAA Compliant

After covid, the cyberattacks have tremendously increased posing a threat to not only your data but most importantly patient sensitive information. So it's important that the partner you are choosing is HIPAA Compliant which basically means that they have implemented all the necessary steps to minimize the cybersecurity risks. End-to-End encrypted technology is a plus point that adds a double layer of security.


Many of the physicians are worried about the support or mode of communication, because there is a lack of physical communication as most of the tasks will be done virtually. However, the best solution is to openly ask about their communication style and how active their support is. Moreover, will they be able to provide comprehensive software training? Are you available 24/7?

Benefits of Working With Best Medical Billing

Eradicating Erros

Thanks to our billing specialists and advanced tech tools, you will notice a much more efficient and smooth system. This is because of massive reduction in errors that results in higher clean claims.

Effective Compliance Team

Many of the physicians are aware of the ever evolving regulations, updating the system in accordance with compliance isn’t easy which is why many practitioners face huge penalties and in some cases permanent cancellation of license.


We wouldn’t be your typical billing partner but we work passionately to grow your business especially focused on small practices. We first streamline your workflow, then automate it, ultimately providing space for scalability.

Certified Coders and Billers

Here at BMB we have a different team of experts, especially our certified coders and specialized billers. This means your administrative and billing tasks will be handled with more precision resulting in high and timely reimbursements.

Specialties We Cover








Mental Health


Physical Therapy

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