Medical Billing & Coding Services for Neurological Practice

Optimize your billing process with the help of our Neurological billers and coders. We perform prior authorizations, increase claim submission rate, reduce A/R days, and achieve faster reimbursements for neurology practices.

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How are we Helping Neurologists

Why Choose BMB Experts for Neurology Medical Billing

Tailored Solutions

Our Specialists will craft a strategy that specifically addresses neurologists. This will include detailed and accurate documentation, overcoming the coding complexities, keeping informed about the latest updates in the compliance world. This personalized strategy will help in optimizing your workflow and improving patient experience.

Efficient Claim Submission

Almost daily dozens of claims are filed, out of these few may also get denied. This process of claim submission and denial management is a hectic process that requires precision and advanced technology. BMB enables you to get equipped with these necessary tools which helps organizations to improve their financial health.

Access to Specialized Team

Having access to a specialized team can help you to avoid hefty penalties, claim denials, & low reimbursements.  Whether it is medical coding audits, clinical documentation, workflow optimization, our experts are capable of doing it all. This helps in improving efficiency, creating a positive impact on your organization.

Advance Technology

Being equipped with advanced technology enables to improve efficiency and reduce errors during claim processing.  We also create an automatic streamlined billing process which increases speed and accuracy. BMB also uses tech to make data driven decisions for better future growth. Overall, incorporating technology.

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Neurology Coding and Billing Complete Solutions

Neuromuscular Medicine

Optimize your workflow to gain more productivity and improve your patient experience.

Child Neurology

Get expert assistance in improving your billing and coding process ultimately creating a positive patient experience.

Neurocritical Care

Transparent and Timely billing information will help you in improving and aligning your financial process.

Geriatric Neurology

Streamline your billing and get access to advanced technology that will make your process much easier and efficient.

Clinical Neurophysiology

With strong denial management, reduce your denial rates and optimize the cash flow process.

Brain Injury Medicine

Our experts are present round-the-clock to support you, they are only one word away from you.

Why Choose Us for Neurology Medical Billing

MGMA Standards Services

HIPAA Compliant

Strong Support

Strong Support

Streamlined Workflow

Enhanced Patient Experience

Customized Strategy

Benefits of Partnering with our Billing Company

Timely Reimbursements
$262 billion in medical claims are initially denied. – Dr Catalyst
To avoid any revenue leakage that could have lasting negative effects on your organization, our experts will ensure that the claims are timely managed resulting in faster reimbursements.

In the U.S., a full-time medical biller may cost between $3500 – $5000 per month –  CPA Medical Billing

Setting up an in-house team is relatively an expensive and tiring process, outsourcing not only saves a significant amount but the experience also makes your system more efficient too.

Around  90% of physicians aren’t compliant with one or more federal regulations. – Meg Business

With regular updates in healthcare regulations, many medical practices find it very hard to stay compliant which means they are extremely vulnerable to hefty fines.

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