RCM for Multi-Specialty Hospitals/Providers

Tailored RCM Solutions for Multi-Specialty Providers from a Specialized Team of Experts

Your clinic offers the finest care around. So why settle for anything less when it comes to billing? Our revenue cycle management gurus have all the know-how to get your claims paid without delay. Armed with cutting-edge tech and a tenacious team, we’ll speed up your revenue cycle to ensure you’re compensated fully and quickly. Whether you’re a lone doctor or a vast health system, we’ll tailor our reasonable rates to suit you. First-rate treatment warrants first-rate billing.


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Here's How Our RCM Services Benefit

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We Implement RCM Automation to the Following Revenue Cycle and Billing Tasks

Prior Authorization

AI-powered medical billing and RCM uses Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to process and analyze the data needed for prior authorization such as patient demographic information, address, health insurance ID number, etc.

Insurance Eligibility

Patient insurance eligibility is an important RCM step and can be a huge administrative burden for your staff. Once you automate this verification process on a regular interval it can save you time for more potential tasks while reducing claim denials.

Patient Payment Estimates

According to a 2018 survey, approx. 68% of patients are more likely to return to the providers that provide patient payment estimates. This prevents your practice from sending surprise bills to patients and we automate estimates to improve patient experience.

Claim Processing and Scrubbing

Automating claim processing and scrubbing is vital for an efficient revenue cycle management process. The claims are automatically processed and then scrubbed in case of any discrepancies. The claim scrubber integrated EHR software scans, identifies, and rectifies the errors and saves the manual processing which is quite prone to inaccuracies.

Patient Collections

According to the Medical Group Management Association survey, approx. 48% of revenue leaders realized that claims payment is one of the top revenue collection challenges for healthcare providers. Automating the collection processes through ERA and EFTs saves you the time and energy of sending manual statements using paper which has a risk of loss.

Experience Transformed Automated RCM Outcomes With BMB

Offering RCM Services for Multi-Specialty Practices of All Sizes

At Best Medical Billing we provide automated revenue cycle management services to group practices, hospitals, and large multi-specialty practices. With years of experience, we have the resources and expertise to work on multiple financial and healthcare systems.

End-to-End RCM Automation Process to Reduce Denials and Improve Financial Efficiency

Financial efficiency is the lifeblood of an end-to-end RCM automation process. At BMB, our specialists provide comprehensive RCM services while easing administrative burdens and preventing billing errors. Per a report, staffing shortfalls will become one of healthcare's greatest challenges by 2026 - a crisis readily addressed through AI and machine learning's automation of billing and RCM tasks.

A medical biller's duties extend far beyond submitting claims. It is a complex process fraught with eligibility inconsistencies, coding mistakes, charge capture issues, compliance risks, and more. With 24-hour turnarounds, our dedicated team empowers your multi-specialty practice to deliver quality care and realize enhanced financial growth.

4 Key Points to Consider When Selecting the RCM Automation Tools


Specialty-specific RCM tools are essential for a multi-specialty practice in the medical billing industry. Our specialty-specific revenue cycle management software is exclusively designed to automate the process and assist with features needed for a particular specialty.

Our RCM software tools are compliant with the latest medical billing, coding, and HIPAA rules. We comply with the latest changes in the insurance policies and use ICD-10, CPT, and HCPCS coding systems by certified billing, and coding managers.

Automated audit and reporting provide deeper insights and analytics required for a smooth and streamlined medical billing process. Our expert professionals use RCM tools that automate regular auditing and reporting for strong financial performance and identification of risk patterns.

We understand the unique needs of your practice and provide tailored RCM services to enhance your reimbursements. Your multi-specialty practice gets competent and latest technology integrated EHR and PMS software that are user-friendly and assist with workflow efficiency.

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