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Healthcare coding solutions for all specialties with a 99% net collection rate!

Medical coding service is essential for revenue cycle optimization. Our expert medical coders code medical records into revenue. Trust our best medical coding company and expert coding professionals as your No.1 American healthcare coding outsourcing partners.


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Your staff codes claims, but is it collecting 99.9% of the payments?

Our certified coders know how to ethically optimize billing codes and documentation, uncover billable codes, and capture every dollar you’ve earned from payers.
Outsource medical coding to us for perks, like:

Clinical coders encode medical charts into numerical and letter coded data string sequences.

Super-bills that convert out-of-network services into standard codes for reimbursement.

Medical coding specialists master regulations and standards for 99.9% reimbursement rate.

2024 coding service categorizes and translates claims into ICD-10, CPT, HCPCS.

Fast coding reimbursement solutions with support for denied claims recovery.

Our free medical coding audits ensure compliance and optimize RCM.

Full-service medical coding that handles every billing and documentation requirement.

Our certified inpatient coders use their expertise to provide accurate ICD-10 coding for hospital and facility services. We ensure coding captures patient complexity to support deserved reimbursement.

We efficiently code outpatient services and procedures reliably. Our veteran coders handle the ER, surgery center, clinic, diagnostics. Optimizing your revenue cycle and reducing denials is our aim.

Trust our certified medical coding services to reliably assign the right ICD-10-CM, CPT, and HCPCS Level II codes for all your provider services. Our specialty breadth boosts revenue and compliance.
Our medical coding outsourcing gives you certified coders overseas. Their training meets the newest standards. Domestic managers supervise for quality. You pay less but lose no integrity.

Our HCC coders thoroughly comb charts to capture every diagnosis. Full clinical pictures adjust payer reimbursement to patient acuity. We pave the way to value-based care success through rigorous coding.

Have our coding and reimbursement specialists tailor your patient medical records using niche-specific codes, so your documentation exactly depicts your services for a fair pay from the payor network.

Decoding complex medical records into $$$:
DNFB, DNFC, DRG, CMI & more...

When patients leave before final billing, dollars go uncollected. These unbilled sums, called Discharged Not Final Billed amounts, represent lost revenue if not reconciled. Faulty coding also gums up claims processing, hurting cash flow. But our fast medical coding service perfects the coding process to expedite billing, smoothen the claim processing, and ensure a provider recoups their full entitlement.
Discharged Not Final Coded (DNFC) cases don’t have to drain your resources and revenue. With our expert DNFC case management service, you can proactively resolve these uncoded discharges and keep your revenue cycle humming. We combine automated tracking tools with hands-on case resolution to efficiently manage your DNFC caseload from end to end. Our team works directly with care providers to gather required records, resolve outstanding queries, and rapidly deliver compliant coding.
Trust our DRG optimization services to guarantee your hospital receives full compensation owed. We categorize patients into Diagnosis Related Groups based on diagnoses, procedures, and other criteria. Each DRG is assigned a fixed reimbursement rate. The DRG code chosen determines your revenue. Our coders thoroughly audit each case to select the most accurate, complex code warranted to obtain the maximum justified payment. We focus entirely on maximizing your revenue through flawless DRG coding.
The Case Mix Index (CMI) is your pathway to higher reimbursement through coding accuracy. It quantifies your patients’ sickness level and care demands. More complex cases mean a higher CMI and more revenue – but only if your coding precisely captures their full clinical picture. Our certified team digs deep into your documentation to paint a comprehensive portrait of patient severity. Comprehensively capturing complexity grows revenue and cements your reputation as a high-value provider.

The best medical coding company, by any measure!

We are the best medical coding service company in the industry. We provide expert medical records coders who can handle any type of coding system and ensure accuracy, compliance, and security. Whether you need medical coding outsourcing or healthcare coding service, we have the solution for you. Choose us and get the maximum reimbursement and revenue for your work.


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We code your patient records with the utmost care and respect. Your privacy and security are our top priorities. You can trust us to protect you and your practice.


Unlock Locked Revenue

We have the magic touch to find the hidden treasure in your notes. You deserve to get paid for every service you provide. We make sure you get every penny you earned.

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Increase in provider revenue

We code with precision and excellence. You get the best possible reimbursement for your work. You can enjoy up to 20% more revenue in your pocket.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Coding Solutions

What is medical coding and why do you need it?

Medical coding is the process of translating medical records into standardized codes that can be used for billing, reporting, and analysis. You need medical coding to get paid for your services, comply with regulations, and improve your quality of care.’s medical coding service is a hassle-free solution that integrates with the provider’s EHR and billing system. Our certified coders review your documentation, assign the correct codes, and submit them to the payers. We also provide quality control, feedback, reporting, and follow-up.

Our online medical coding service offers you many benefits, such as:

Accuracy:Our coders are experts in various specialties and follow the latest coding guidelines. We ensure that your codes are precise and compliant, reducing errors and denials.
Efficiency: Our coders work fast and smart, using advanced algorithms and tools. We streamline your coding process and expedite your reimbursement.
Insight: Our coders provide you with regular reports and analysis, helping you understand your coding and billing performance. We help you make informed decisions to optimize your revenue and quality.
Savings: Our coders save you time and money, by eliminating the need for hiring, training, and managing in-house coders. We offer you a flexible and affordable pricing model, based on your needs and budget.
BMB’s coders cover a wide range of specialties, including dermatology, cardiology, orthopedics, oncology, pediatrics, and more. We assign a coder with the relevant expertise to your case, ensuring that your coding is accurate and specific.
Our best medical coding services company ensures quality and compliance by following a rigorous process, which includes:

1. Data gathering: We collect all the relevant patient data, including medical records, encounter notes, and any other necessary documentation.
2. Code selection: We carefully review the patient’s medical records and identify the appropriate diagnosis and procedure codes, using ICD-10-CM, CPT, and HCPCS Level II classification systems.
3. Quality control: We conduct a second review to ensure accuracy and compliance with coding guidelines. We address any discrepancies or issues at this stage.
4. Documentation feedback: We provide feedback to the healthcare provider, if there are any inconsistencies or documentation gaps in the medical records. We help improve documentation practices, ensuring that future coding is more accurate and efficient.
5. Submission: We submit the codes electronically to the relevant payers and clearinghouses. We handle the submission process to minimize errors and expedite reimbursement.
Our medical coders protect your data and privacy by following the highest standards of security and confidentiality. We use encryption, authentication, and authorization to safeguard your data from unauthorized access or disclosure. We also comply with HIPAA and other applicable laws and regulations, respecting your rights and obligations.

We charge for the service based on a flexible and affordable pricing model, that suits a provider’s needs and budget. You can choose from different options, such as per-encounter, per-chart, per-code, or per-month. You only pay for what you use, with no hidden fees or contracts.

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