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From Austin to Wichita Falls, BMB covers it all.

Expand your Business in the second most populous state with solid and proven medical billing strategies.

The Fastest Growing State in the US needs the most latest and state of the art billing services.  Best Medical Billing acts as a catalyst boosting your business through personalized processes.
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Specialties BMB Covers

Neurology Medical Billing Services

Dermatology Medical Billing

Podiatry medical billing

Mental Health medical billing

Urology Medical Billing Services

Cardiology medical billing

Cardiology medical billing

Rehab medical billing services

Radiology medical billing

Physical Therapy medical billing

Why is BMB a Reliable Option for Medical Billing in Texas?

Texas Insurance Complications

Texas has always been on the top of the list of uninsured individuals, this has caused massive disruptions in healthcare centres. To avoid this our experts will ensure that the individual is insured or not avoiding denials due to ineligibility.

Different Regulatory System

Texas regulations are tough and tightly monitored. BMB experts are well aware of this, which is why our biller and coders are constantly updated with Texas regulations thanks to our compliance team avoiding any disruptions or hefty fines.

Surprise Billing

Surprising Billing is very common in Texas which has resulted in damaged reputation for many physicians. To cater this we make sure that the bills given to patients are detailed mentioning the services rendered, out of pocket costs, insurance payment etc.

Claims Auditing

Our team of expert claim auditors whose work is to keep your finances streamlined by checking your healthcare expenditures & pointing out potential errors in claim submission. They also maintain systematic checks to minimize errors resulting in optimized workflow.

Join the Happy Faces with State of the Art Billing Services

The beautiful landscape of Texas is unfortunately full of healthcare complexities that need the services that can transform the future.  BMB with the help of its expert billing cowboys is changing the narrative and helping healthcare facilities to get their billing sorted.

Increase your collections, enhance your patient experience, reduce claim denial rate with cost effective medical billing company in Texas.  We want you to focus on matters that you are passionate about.

Experienced & Certified Coders

Medical Coding is the only way of communicating with the payer during the billing process. Use of proper coding can result in higher reimbursements simultaneously and wrong coding can cause cash loss.

Our Coders are not only certified & experienced but are also assigned specific specialties providing our physicians a personalized experience. In order to stay compliant our team uses CPT & ICD-10 codes and when it comes to modifiers we double check to ensure accuracy.

Strong Verification Process

Medical Billing is a very complex process and needs multiple checkpoints to avoid workflow disruptions for instance without prior authorization you wouldn’t know whether the patient is eligible for insurance or not and upon not checking it properly you could lose a chunk of money.

We have a strong Eligibility check process that ensures the patient is covered by specific insurance and does the insurance cover this specific service, making it easy both for you and the patient to continue further.

Use of Advanced Technology

Manual work doesn’t come with inefficiencies only, due to lack of precision and human errors denial rates usually strike upwards causing massive revenue leakage. Surprisingly you are spending more money on these manual processes, Just to lose everything at the end.

BMB equips your business with advanced softwares that boosts your productivity, reduces administrative loads and increases speed of your work. This streamlines and optimizes your workflow.

Dedicated Support

Whether it is using EHR properly, understanding comprehensive financial reports or communicating with payers, these and many other tasks need a proper understanding and assistance, which is why a support team is essential.

We have a solid support team that is passionately dedicated to assist you in daily operations 24/7. In addition to this our experts will also provide the data driven future projections with the help of our comprehensive reports.

You Deserve Nothing Less than Best


Streamline your billing operations with BMB’s advanced and efficient technology.


Sit back and listen to Austin’s music because now you have an experienced & certified medical billing team that is passionately working.


The City of Arts doesn’t deserve anything less than state of the art billing services.

San Antonio

Enhance Patient Experience with our AHIMA and AAPAC certified coders that will keep you compliant and speed up your billing process.

EI Paso

BMB’s strive hard to provide you the taste that matches with El Paso Cuisine. Isn’t this yummy?

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