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Your Business Deserves More Than a Good Software, Actually it Deserves Us!

Having efficient software isn’t enough. There is always a need for a certified team that helps you in streamlining the billing process and invoicing process which results in higher productivity and profitability.

Just bring your favorite software and BMB will connect you with the most suitable team.


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Why Choose Our Specialized Billing Workforce For Your Software?

AR Automation

Not getting your AR flow inline can cost you thousands of dollars, currently there are very few organizations that focus on their A/R follow up in a serious manner. Fortunately, BMB can help you with AR Automation which means getting it sorted once and for all, The result? Streamlined and automated AR process.

Instant Claim Submission

Delaying claim submission can not only affect your acceptance rate but simultaneously affects patient experience… No need to worry. Our experts  would ensure that claims are instantly submitted and denied ones are immediately modified. Our last step is to automate your claim submission process resulting in a more efficient and reliable process.

Cost Effective

According to various stats more than 50% of healthcare facilities will keep the pricing feature on top, as they can’t afford giving 10% or in some cases even more percentage of their revenue. This is why we provide you flexible pricing options that help you to choose the most suitable plan for your organization.

Previous Report Assessment

PRA is done to let you know about our working process in detail. During this period, your previous claim submission rates, AR management etc would be asked, getting this information will help us to analyze your workflow. Moreover, our management will brief you on our way of handling letting you know the BMB specialized workflow management.

AAPC & AHIMA Certified Coders

According to some estimates there are about 105,000 certified coders in the US. Apart from keeping you compliant, certified coders also help in increasing your coding efficiency and speed. These coders are also specialized in different sets of specialties which means that they are well versed in their field.

Your Growth Matters

Instead of promoting our software we focus on integrating patient billing, denial management, AR management. This speeds up the process, cut costs and increases productivity. Boosts your patient experience and makes things easier for your business. Our main focus is to assist with medical billing software especially for small businesses.

Access to over 2000 Payers

We provide nationwide services which means you can choose your favorite payer and sign a contract on favorable terms as our experts will also negotiate on your behalf. This doesn’t end here, we also help you in CAQH enrollment, premium privileges and 1st class reimbursements ensuring your business gets the maximum benefit.

80% Better Denial Management

We are not here to say we are the best, instead BMB says we will give our best. This is why our Denial Management team is composed of top notch experts that know how claim submissions are handled. They make sure your financial process is optimized and medical billing is automated.

We Fit Our Billing To Your Existing Software

Our service provides the healthcare billing help you need, when you need it. We supply specialized billing staff to work directly in your preferred software, so your claims get filed quickly and correctly without having to hire. Count on us for flexible, friendly support.

Tailored, compliant support directly within your existing medical software!

Shape your Healthcare Organization Landscape with efficient workforce in an effective and easy way resulting in optimized workflow.

  • AAPC and APAC Certified Coders
  • 1200+  Expert Team Members
  • Compliant with every medical billing software

Your Favorite Software - Your Database - Your Growth

What if I told you that you are only one step away in Optimizing your Workflow? You have your favorite software, You have your Database, you just need a team that can handle it in the most efficient way. This is exactly what BMB is doing, equipping you with Top notch team.

Whether it is appointment scheduling, electronic prescribing, claim submission management, handling of cloud based data, being in touch with multiple insurance carriers, analyzing reports and analytics – you just name it and our experts will do it.

With experience across 80% of the industry’s top platforms like Kareo, Athenahealth and NextGen, our coders and billers can hit the ground running from day one. We become an extension of your team, maximizing efficiency and revenue.

Sort Your Billing Workflow and Get it Optimized

BMB will equip you with the top notch team that will guide you throughout the journey. No doubt that good software can take your business to the next level but only when you have access to the right team that knows how to get things done.

Transition Process Support

Transitioning from one team to another usually causes fluctuations in financial graphs and in most cases revenue losses are reported. To avoid this, BMB provides you transition support which first audits your system and provides you the complete specialized process that would make sure your processes aren’t interrupted and the transition process is also done in record time.

Expand Your Horizons

Unlike many billing companies, we aren’t focusing on single specialty, instead we offer a multi specialty solution which avoids healthcare specialties to get in contact with various billing vendors. We have over 1200+ team members that are divided in various categories covering more than 75 specialties, this helps healthcare facilities to get their work done under one single roof.

Specialized Billing Reports

Crafting a personalized strategy and equipping your facility with a top notch team isn’t enough for your business. Then what else is needed ? one may ask. Without strong monitoring and reporting features one’s business can’t flourish in an expected way. Which is why BMB will provide you with a set of weekly and monthly reports that will help you understand the business better.

Tired of Tracking Down Reimbursements?

Outsource Your Billing Software Management.

Our skilled specialists will handle your billing software for accelerated payments.

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