Medical Billing Services with doctor accounts management

Professional outsourced billing services that maximize physician revenue cycles and insurance benefits for providers in the United States healthcare system. We’re the managed billing experts medical practices trust for specialty billing services.


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The best MD billing services – here’s why


Claim Approval

Nearly every claim is accepted the first time, putting revenue quickly into the provider’s pocket.

Specialties Billing

Our team knows the ICD-10-CM diagnosis and procedure codes to get claims approved for all specialties.

upto 10%

Collection Increase

Proven medical billing strategies collect more of what you’re owed, improving patient collections.

Complete Care for Your Medical Billing Needs

Discover the power of our Medical Billing Service, where expert billers enhance your healthcare billing operations via comprehensive doctor billing services. Our Medical Billing Outsourcing Solutions boost your practice’s revenue collection. Trust in BMB’s top-rated Medical Account Services to streamline your revenue cycle management and maximize revenue collection.

2X Faster Reimbursements

Our dedicated medical billing specialists accurately file claims for quick payouts. Fast cash flow enables doctors to funnel capital into better patient care.

Electronic Claims Submission

Paper claims are a thing of the past with our electronic billing services that rapidly e-files for you, accelerating the claim submission process.

Charge Entry All Specialties

Fluency in CPT, ICD-10, and HCPCS ensures accurate charge entry compliant with payers' policies, so your practice gains fair compensation for its full scope of work.

Account Receivables Management

Allow our billing team to mind your unpaid invoices. They'll connect with underwriters and stay on the trail of recompense until your unpaid balance rings paid in full.

Posting of Insurance Payments

With each dollar registered the split second it hits your accounts, you gain total visibility. Our rapid payment posting arms clinicians with financial facts of their practice.

Eligibility Verification

As your managed billing partner, we verify patient eligibility, reviewing plan benefits before appointments. This heads off surprise bills that damage doctor-patient relationships.

Manage revenue

Manage Claims

Manage denials

Bringing tomorrow's billing solutions to your practice today

Bringing tomorrow's billing solutions to your practice today

Bringing tomorrow's billing solutions to your practice today

Bringing tomorrow's billing solutions to your practice today

Partner with the best

For the best in medical billing outsourcing, providers find their solution with our certified patient billers and coders.

The best medical billing service that keeps every provider paid and profitable

Quick Onboarding

Rapidly set sail with our lightning-fast onboarding process and start seeing immediate revenue cycle improvements.

Certified Medical Billers

Certified billers who know the ins and outs of every payer and plan make sure every doctor gets paid promptly and accurately.

Clearinghouse Support

Our proprietary clearinghouse–wired to all commercial and government payors in the USA–settles claims to grow finances.

Dedicated Account Management

A dedicated account manager who knows your practice inside and out is always available to answer questions and resolve issues.

The service that turns the unpaid into payable, once and for all!

For the dedicated physician, medicine is a calling. But billing and coding? That’s our job. While you answer the calling, we make sure your bills get paid quickly and properly. Let us release your practice’s full earning potential.