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Avail strategic and streamlined coding and billing services while maintaining the accuracy, compliance, and profitability of your practice in Pennsylvania. At BMB, we make sure to reduce your staff’s administrative duties and combat challenges from coding to claims submission, to collecting patient data and managing denials.
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All-in-One Medical Billing Company for your Billing, Coding, and RCM Needs in Pennsylvania

Integrated EHR Software

By integrating EHR with your practice management system we strengthen your billing and medical foundation. Not just PMS, but our flowchart and revenue cycle management are also integrated with EHR to fasten and streamline the financial growth of your practice.

Certified Billers, Coders and Auditors

Your practice in Pennsylvania gets to avail the expertise of certified coders, billers, and auditors. Our experts are certified by the American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC) to submit accurate claims compliant with the ICD-10 and CPT regulations.

360 Degree Revenue Cycle Managment

Best Medical Billing specialists offer pre-revenue cycle services and cover full spectrum RCM services from credentialing to pre-registration to eligibility verification and prior authorization to managing denials, collecting and managing revenue, etc.

Financial Analysis and Reporting

Your healthcare practice requires regular auditing and analysis to identify errors and repetitive inaccuracies resulting in revenue leaks. We help you analyze revenue deficiency patterns by performing monthly audits and reporting.

Pennsylvania Medical Billing Services That Are 10x Better Than In-House

At Best Medical Billing we provide affordable and professional services that expedite claims submissions while maintaining accuracy and timeliness.

Top Denial Reasons for Healthcare Practices in Pennsylvania

Prior Authorization 39.7%

One of the top denial reasons for healthcare practices is that they fail to get prior authorization from insurance companies. Without authorization, you cannot perform certain procedures, or treatments, or write prescriptions. However, if you do perform those procedures and write prescriptions despite having been authorized, your claim will be denied.

Registration & Eligibility 20.3%

Registration and eligibility comprise 20.3% of total denials in medical billing. Your practice might face such denials because of your inability to verify patient insurance eligibility before providing any medical service.

Coding & Billing 18.2%

Coding errors make up 18.2% of total errors in claims denials which is quite alarming. Your practice needs to generate codes that are compliant with ICD-10, CPT, and HCPCS guidelines. Coding and billing errors directly impact your submissions, leading to denials and hence reducing your net collection rate.

Missing or Invalid Claim Data 17.2%

The challenge of increased denials faced by most healthcare practices is on the rise because of missing or invalid claim data. The coders and billers miss out or enter inaccurate data which leads to upfront claims denials and hence lower collections.

Other 4.6%

Some of the denial reasons are unknown and they make up almost 4.6% of the total denial rate. It is important for practices to analyze the underlying errors and inaccuracies to lower the overall denial rate.

Let's Ace End-to-End Denial Management of Your Practice in Pennsylvania


For end-to-end denial management, we ensure proper auditing of your practice’s billing and medical performance.


Denials cost approximately 20% of total revenue expenses and reduce collections. Thorough tracking is essential to avoid denials.


We analyzing denial patterns or inaccuracies that regularly and negatively impact your financial growth.

San Jose

With regular auditing and analysis, our specialists take an active approach to combat the inefficiencies in claims submissions.

Upper Dar by

Our AR team consists of two departments; AR analytics and AR follow-ups.

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