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No doubt that Massachusetts has one of the best healthcare systems in the US. But with great power comes great responsibility, here exactly BMB comes into play with our state of the art services and customized strategy you can not only cut through the Massachusetts noise but can also expand in other states too.
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What BMB offers to providers in Massachusetts?

Industry Experience

Working in every US state and providing services to over 70+ specialties  have given us an enormous amount of data and experience. Above all, we are also on ground having more than 9 remote locations in the US to provide physician support too.

Implementing New Technology

In order to survive in Massachusetts competitive environment you need the support of advanced technology. Here at Best Medical Billing we help our partners by equipping them with advanced technology to get rid of manual work, automate processes and improve efficiency.

Managing Denials

We provide you access to a denial management team that checks any denied claim and makes necessary improvements before refiling them again. This helps in avoiding any revenue leakage resulting in improved finances. Without proper denial management you can’t streamline the billing cycle.

Malpractices in medical billing

We believe in transparency and strictly follow the ethical rules. Whether it is upcoding, unbundling or any other form of malpractices that can cause serious compliance issues, are strictly prohibited here. We have a strong check in system that ensures that rules are being followed.

Medical Billing Solutions You Were Looking For in Massachusetts

Tailored Solutions

We aren’t here to apply one proven solution on all of our partners. Demographics, physician’s specialty, their workflow etc all of these points matter, which is why our specialists will craft a customized and personalized strategy.

24/7 Support

We have a dedicated team of passionate experts that will be there 24/7 for you. Whether you have issues with EHR, confused about any billing procedure or anything else. This support team will always be there for you helping you in each and every step.

Understanding Compliance

We understand how important regulations are for healthcare and these are constantly changing. Keeping yourself updated with these changes isn’t an easy task. BMB has a separate department of compliance that is constantly checking and updating other departments about compliance.

Cost Efficient

You might be wondering if these clusters of services might come with a heavy price tag. Fortunately, this isn't the case when you are with BMB, we have a different set of price plans giving you a diverse set of plans to choose from.

Is Massachusetts Physicians Facing Any of these Issues ?

Errors in Insurance Verification

Denials due to eligibility has been on a steady rise since 2020, sadly many of the billing companies don’t take it seriously, but here at BMB we have a dedicated set of professionals to have a thorough verification check of a patient before letting them in, this includes Real Time Insurance Verification, which helps in minimizing denial rates.

Constant Cyberattacks

Another great issue is cyberattacks that are affecting healthcare facilities and are causing disruptions in financial cycles. Massachusetts health care officials have already warned about a cyberattack that could affect 134,000 people. Fortunately, BMB is a HIPAA compliant organization which means we have taken strong steps to counter cyberattacks and with the help of some security softwares we create another strong security layer.

Messy WorkFlow

Billing cycles include a cluster of complex procedures that require precision and pace. Even a single error could cost you thousands of dollars. Apart from this there are some administrative tasks and most importantly patient care that requires your utmost attention. With BMB your A to Z administrative and billing procedures are managed giving you a permanent break from all these messy workflows and finally boosting your productivity.

Detailed Analytics & Reporting

As mentioned before we believe in transparency and trust, which is why we provide you with weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports that contain comprehensive financial statements of your business, helping to identify the gaps that need attention and helping you to make better decisions based on data. Moreover, we also provide real time insights about the billing management work process.

Your Loyal & Reliable Partner in Medical Billing

Focus on your patient care when you have BMB specialists doing all your administrative and billing operations in the backend.

Around $125 Billion  is lost every year due to poor billing medical practices of physicians.

Always opt for a HIPAA Compliant organization because you and your patient deserve the best.







Around 75% of physicians still use manual processes to do most of their administrative tasks - InstaMed

Get Pro tips on financials and scalability, thanks to our industry experts.

Automate, Optimize, Enhance your business with a BMB certified and specialized team.

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