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Our specialists take over your administrative burden and get the systems running in as short as 5 business days. Unlike most medical billing companies in Maryland, Best Medical Billing makes sure transparency and accountability is our primary concern therefore, we perform regular audits and monthly reporting.
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Days in Accounts Receivable


Net Collection Rate

up to 25%

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Benefits of our EHR Software Powered Billing Service for Practices in Maryland

Reduces Billing Workloads

With an integrated EHR and medical billing system, your billing staff has more time to focus on core medical tasks rather than managing billing and other administrative workloads. An integrated system takes the data directly from EHR saving a lot of time and copying trouble.

Protects Health Information PHI

Your practice and billing data is secure with a HIPAA-compliant integrated EHR system. It protects your practice’s health information against cyber-attacks. Moving from paper to Electronic Funds Transfer further secures the data and is accessible to the authorized.

Reduction in Claims Denials

The claims denials represent around 90% of generally missed revenue opportunities. We deploy claim scrubber-integrated EHR software. It reduces claims denials by scanning and identifying errors and correcting them by the same automated claims scrubber.

Enhanced Revenue and Efficiency

An integrated EHR system saves money, improves collection, and increases productivity.. Integrated software uses AI and electronic transfer systems to enhance protection reducing security risks of loss or theft of patient and billing data.

Maximize Your Reimbursements with BMB

Managing end-to-end claim denials followed by reduced billing errors not only lowers billing costs but also expedites reimbursements. You get quick access to insurance verification, copayments, and deductibles from the patient’s insurance. Moreover, we ensure prior authorization from insurers before providing services to ensure timely collections. At BMB you get the following add-on services that ensure maximum payment collections.

We Explore the Full Potential of Your Practice by Monitoring These 4 KPIs

Days in Accounts Receivables 30-40 days

If you want accurate insight into how your practice is performing, you need to monitor your days in accounts receivables. When you outsource our services in Maryland, we track your revenue cycle to collect data about inaccuracies, denials, and how many payments have not yet been received while also improving these stats.

Denial Rate 2%

Thorough tracking of your denial rate can help you avoid the financial disaster of your practice in the long run. We actively monitor the denial rate and maintain it below 5% to enhance your collections ratio.

Net Collection Ratio 100%

Your practice needs to keep track of its net collection ratio to find out how many bills you have collected and are eligible to collect. We aim to maintain the net collections ratio of our practice partners to 100% with fewer exceptions.

Clean Claim rate 98%

A high clean claim rate is one of the most important KPIs for healthcare practices. Your practice’s financial and medical performance highly depends upon how accurately claims are submitted. Our experts ensure a high clean claim rate of 97% to reimburse faster and more cash.

From Lowering the Administrative Burden to Seizing the Revenue - BMB Is Your Billing Savior

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