Medical Billing Service in Florida

To understand medical billing in Florida, you need someone with local experience. Our service started right here, so we know the details that matter. For us, it’s not just about handling paperwork. It’s about caring for your patients and making sure you’re paid properly for your services.

We handle each billing task carefully and with clear goals, improving the financial flow so your medical practice can grow. We see ourselves not just as a service, but as your partners committed to the highest standard of care.


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What Can BMB Offer to Florida Practitioners?

Streamlined Billing Cycle

Approximately 85% of medical bills contain errors – either due to incorrect coding, duplicate charges, or upcoding.

BMB understands how hard the billing process has become with fast evolving healthcare regulations and multiple tiring processes of receiving payments from payers. To cater this we have hired expert professionals, created multi-layered checkpoints to improve accuracy and use only CPT & ICD-10 codes to avoid any compliance issues.

Localized Services

Regulations and issues vary from state to state, this requires comprehensive research and on ground presence to make things easier.

Unfortunately, many medical billing companies in Florida don’t take this into consideration. However, BMB has taken multiple steps to solve this by having a remote based team in Florida and a strong compliance team  to keep an eye on evolving regulations.

Data Protection

In 2022, Florida had more than 4 times the number of healthcare data breaches per 1000 registered healthcare entities than any other state in the country.

We make sure that our software's and tools are end-to-end encrypted, only authorized persons access sensitive data to reduce human errors and above all we are a HIPAA compliant organization which shows how strict security measures are followed.

Why Compromise on Anything Less than the Best?

Best Medical Billing focuses on crafting customizable and personalized strategies instead of enforcing single strategy. Relieve your staff stress and instead let them focus on patient care because our billing strategists are here to manage it all using more efficient strategies. Florida’s healthcare system is booming and with this its needs are also evolving, so why settle for anything less than best.

Experience the Difference with Certified Billers

Optimized Workflow

Three or more major issues or inefficiencies have been identified in around 62% of businesses that were solvable through effective workflow automation.

Things get easily messed up if they aren’t aligned on time. BMB first analyzes your work process and practice related issues according to which our experts would create a personalized strategy that includes speeding up your process, incorporating the use of advanced tech, assisting in minimizing errors etc. 

Increased Collections

The Out-of-Pocket obligations from the patient side have increased around 29% since 2015.

Healthcare collections are becoming complex with every passing day due to diverse insurance plans which is why processes like charge entry, claim submission and payment posting have gained significant importance. BMB takes full ownership of eligibility verification to payment posting where we use various proven methods to increase the chances of claim submission hence improving your collection rate.

Patient Satisfaction

Not being able to provide transparent payment bills confuses about 61% of patients, decreasing patient experience.

With an improved and optimized workflow, you are left with ample time to do tasks that are most important, which is caring about your patients. Our experts apart from all these services will also provide you tips regarding patient care. Having a good clean claim submission rate helps patients to get rid of payment complexities hence enhancing patient experience.

Your Loyal & Reliable Partner in Medical Billing

Enjoy the windy Miami beaches because now you have a reliable partner that is passionately working to streamline your financial cycle.

Welcome to Best Medical Billing theme park where you always come first and whose aim is to grow your business.

The beautiful landscape of Tampa deserves something unique which is why BMB has a secret gift for you all.






St. Petersburg

BMB isn’t restricted to a single strategy, we have a diverse set of customizable strategies that would be implemented according to your needs.

You need a top notch medical billing service like BMB to pass through the competitive environment of Jacksonville.

St. Peterburg
We would love to see your business shine in the City of Sunshine, with the help of an experienced team & advanced tech solutions.

Services that are beyond amazing!

Dedicated Account Manager

Our managers will monitor your process and ensure that nothing creates a hole in your revenue or cash flow cycle. Thereby, stabilizing and growing your business.

Claim Scrubbing

Our Aim will be to increase revenue & enhance patient experience by speeding up and improving accuracy in the claim submission process. Lesser the Rejections, Greater the Experience.

Your Favorite Software

Choose your favorite EHR and rest leave it on our professionals that are experienced and experts in using these software’s efficiently.

Everything under Single Roof

From Front Desk to Payment posting, we will do each and everything for you without any hidden charges. Just a minimal amount of your Revenue.

Still Waiting on Payments? 

Get the Best Medical Billing Help.

Our proven billing process gets you paid faster for maximum revenue.
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