Medical Billing Services Tailored for California Healthcare Providers

With over 550 healthcare facilities statewide, California offers immense opportunities along with intense competition. Partnering with an experienced medical billing service can help your practice stand apart and thrive. BMB has spent years perfecting our services to drive results for providers in the Golden State.

Our team handles the entire revenue cycle – from verifying eligibility to posting payments. We review documentation thoroughly, code claims accurately, and follow-up on denials persistently. This attentive approach helps maximize reimbursement and reduce days in accounts receivable.

Join forces with BMB to focus on delivering excellent care while we handle administrative tasks. Our customized services will strengthen your revenue integrity in this dynamic California marketplace. Discover how our end-to-end billing expertise can unlock your practice’s full revenue potential. Contact BMB today to make us your trusted partner for growth.

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Why is BMB a Reliable Option for Medical Billing in California?

Location Based Coding

Apart from the National Regulation of Coding, we also have a keen eye on California State Regulations too. This provides a double layer security saving your business from any compliance violations or hefty fines.

Price that you were Looking For

We understand and respect your hard earned money, which is why our plans are cost effective and are tailored to the specific needs of healthcare providers. This helps physicians to choose the most suitable option.

Experienced Software Teams

DrChrono, Kareo, CureMD, AdvancedMD, Central Reach etc, choose your favorite software & enhance performance with the help of our software specialists. Everything from Patient scheduling to analyzing past medical records.

Physical Presence in US

We are present in all major USA states with few remote offices. One of them is California where we have employees that are passionately committed to resolving hurdles affecting your business. 

Join the Happy Faces with State of the Art Billing Services

If you are looking for Medical Billing services in California, then we are glad that you have landed on the right place.  Apart from Medical Billing and coding services we also offer healthcare digital marketing services to attract new eyeballs and there is no better time to utilize it than 2024.

Increase your collections, enhance your patient experience, reduce claim denial rate with cost effective medical billing companies in California. We want you to focus on matters that you are passionate about.

Built In Clearing House

Medical Billing is a pack of multiple complex and sensitive steps that needs to be handled by only experienced professionals. Improper coding, patient related form error, issues in eligibility are just a few simple mistakes that can disrupt your billing cycle.

Having an adequate market experience has helped BMB to build large softwares, understanding of insurance companies and multiple checkpoints that has helped our partners to sleep peacefully at night.


With large migrations towards California has resulted in increased pressure on healthcare providers. This increases administrative, billing, patient care, staff management responsibilities. Handling it by your own causes over burning and inefficiencies while an In-House team comes with heavy price and an inexperienced team that needs training.

AUTOMATION – BMB not only equips you with an experienced team but also incorporates Advance tech systems that enhances accuracy, efficiency and reduces time consumption.

HIPAA Compliant

California is ranked 1st when it comes to healthcare security breaches which affects thousands of people creating an everlasting impact. It not only results in heavy money losses but your reputation also gets a massive hit as patients tend to lose the much needed trust in you.

BMB is a HIPAA Compliant Organization that strictly enforces security checkpoints creating a strong layer of security. We also acquire some security softwares ensuring that your data is always protected.

Regular Audits

Managing multiple tasks simultaneously requires sharp monitoring systems, where we can understand whether the following strategy is working, what are the gaps that need to be filled and how to implement these strategies efficiently. Lack of monitoring results in heavy revenue leaks.

BMB Auditing team keeps a keen eye on different modules and provides weekly and monthly reports that comprehensively shows where we are lacking and how we can improve.

You Deserve Nothing Less than the Best

Los Angeles

Light up your Medical Financial Cycle in Los Angeles with Comprehensive Medical Audit Reports.

San Francisco

Cut through San Francisco’s noise with Best Medical Billing personalized strategies.

San Diego

Sit back and relax on San Diego’s beaches when your A to Z administrative and Billing tasks are covered efficiently.

San Jose

Innovate and Transform your workflow process by optimizing it thanks to our specialized and experienced billing experts.


Why not Partner with Industry Leaders Like BMB and capitalize on their modified and proven strategy.

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