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Are you running a medical billing company or a healthcare practice?
In either case, you need a medical billing specialist. At Best Medical Billing, you get to hire a personalized and dedicated medical billing specialist experienced in revenue cycle management for your practice.


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Who Can Hire Our Medical Billing Specialist?

Individual, Small, and Physician Practices

Multi-Specialty Groups

Large Practices and Hospitals

Medical Billing Companies

Hire Remote Specialists for All Your Medical Billing Needs

Medical Coder

Medical coders at BMB are certified by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) and have a thorough understanding of the latest coding systems from ICD-10, CPT, and HCPCS. They make sure the codes are assigned correctly for successful submission.

Medical Biller

Our billers trained by Certified Professional Billers (CPB) make sure the submissions are accurately done with zero chances of denials. They are professional experts who are responsible for sending invoices and account updates to clients, and receiving, sorting, and tracking incoming payments.

RCM Specialist

An RCM specialist is responsible for all revenue cycle goals and ensures the quality and compliance of claim submissions. Our RCM specialist follows up on denied and rejected claims until the full payments are collected from payers. Billers and coders at BMB know the proper use of CMS-1500 to correctly bill the medicare carriers.

Denial Management Expert

Denial management experts at Best Medical Billing closely scan and identify the denied and rejected claims to enable rectification. They make sure accuracy is not compromised and all the parameters for accuracy, compliance, and attention to detail are fulfilled.

Virtual Assistant

A medical billing virtual assistant plays a vast role in successful submissions of claims and their workflow ranges from checking and preparing patient bills, checking for payment discrepancies, appealing denied claims, updating cash collection reports, and much more.

Patient Support

24/7 customer support is crucial for a successful provider, patient, and payer relationship. Our healthcare customer representatives instantly respond to the queries of patients and communicate with the payers about ever-changing insurance policies, eligibility, and authorization verification matters.

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Helping You Hire Top-Notch Specialists, Skilled to Actively Manage Your Billing, Coding, & RCM Challenges

Looking for a Medical Billing Specialist with state-of-the-art Software and the Latest Technology-driven Services?

Medical billing specialists at the Best Medical Billing are equipped to work with most of the EHR software and manage all administrative duties within a healthcare practice.

Our Medical Billing Specialist Keeps Track of Your Billing and RCM KPIs With Our Integrated Software

BMB is a large platform that hosts a wide array of services including billing, coding, and RCM. To process each claim with matchless precision, we offer quality at affordable rates and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with healthcare professionals in the U.S.

You can keep track of your medical billing KPIs before, after, and throughout the billing process. We tackle underperforming accounts and claims denials and offer integrated medical billing with robust EHR, among other value-added services.

Benefits of Hiring a Medical Billing Specialist

Share Your Administrative Burden

Hiring a medical billing expert gives you the opportunity to focus on your primary tasks. You get to hand over your non-clinical burden to a specialist who not only stays compliant but is also devoted to fulfilling all your billing, coding, denial, and RCM tasks.

Once you hire a specialist you can assign him a single or more than one account. You get dedicated account managers who answer customer queries, identify and resolve patient billing complaints, follow up, and report the status of claims and accounts.

A medical billing specialist is responsible for providing all-in-one billing, coding, RCM, denial, etc support. He saves you time, money, and energy by implementing the latest AI-driven technology and rich resources.

An experienced and professional medical billing specialist uses updated knowledge that is compliant with the latest regulations to process claims with accuracy. He automates the claims processing to accelerate the reimbursement process.

Start Getting Reimbursed in the 1st Month With BMB

We are not just a top-notch medical billing company but your in-house revenue partner

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