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At Best Medical Billing, we help dermatologists stay profitable. Eliminate in-house billing expenses and lower your costs by outsourcing billing, coding, and revenue cycle management services to BMB Dermatology medical billing company.

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How are we Helping Dermatologists?

Higher Billing Claim Denial Ratio of Your Dermatology Practice? Fix it Now with BMB

Higher Claim Denials Ratio

Along with other healthcare practices, dermatology practitioners and surgeons are facing higher claim denials because more than 80% of all medical bills contain errors. And since the ratio of errors and inaccuracies in your bills is higher, so is the denial rate.

Audit and Identify the Problem

At BMB, we make sure the underlying cause of the problem is identified. To spot the causes we perform a thorough examination and audit the whole billing process to scan, detect, and fix those errors. These errors could range from inaccurate patient information submission to wrong charge posting.

Appeal Denials

Once we have identified and corrected the errors, the next step is to appeal denials to the insurer. If it’s still rejected, you can write to the insurer explaining to them why you think the submission is accurate and must be paid.

End-to-End Management of Denials

To manage denials ensure performing best practices and one of the best practices is to submit clean claims in the first place. If you’ve put enough time, effort, and resources into the first submission your first-time pass rate increases manifolds.

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Unlock the Financial Excellence of Your Sub-Specialty in Dermatology Billing with Our Expert Team of Professionals

Pediatric Dermatology

Streamline your dermatological care evaluation, management, and treatment of different skin disorders such as biopsy and excision, lesion removal, and repair with BMB.

Cutaneous Lymphoma

At BMB clinical Dermatologists often perform specialized diagnostic procedures related to skin conditions and we perform billing for those disorders, procedures, and treatments.


We offer a one-stop solution for Mohs micrographic surgery and more are billed with precision by our expert managers at Best Medical Billing Company.

Cosmetic Dermatology

BMB caters to all-in-one clinical dermatology medical billing solutions from billing and coding to denial management and revenue cycle management.

Laser surgery

Our billing experts cater to dermatological disorders of skin, hair, and nails that require seamless medical billing. According to a survey, disfigurement of skin problems comprises up to 24% of primary care visits.

Dermatologic Surgery

We provide thorough services that are accurate in their submission, denial management, and charge capture.

Thorough and Precise Clinical Dermatology Medical Billing Solutions

Cloud-based Integrated Software

All-in-one Dermatology Medical Billing Services

File Multiple Claims

Precise and Accurate Submission

End-to-End Denial Management

Ensure Prior Authorization

Dedicated Support

Benefits of Partnering with Best Medical Billing

Accurate Patient Demographic Information

Entering correct information is important to avoid hassle later on. Verify the information before submitting and it will save you a lot of time and effort. We automate the process by using integrated EHR software because accurate patient demographic information is vital to ensure claims accuracy.

Thorough follow-up of the claims submission process helps you audit and scan the claims and identify any recurring errors that can be combated by consulting the experts. Moreover, it ensures clarity and transparency in the submission process making it smoother.

You can contact our team at any time and from anywhere via instant chat, call, or email and discuss your concerns. We offer dedicated support at no extra cost and help you understand your billing questions while making the process more steadfast.

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