Best Denial Management Service that Maximizes Claim Submission Rate

With an Industry average of 20% – 30% of medical claims being denied the financial implications of healthcare providers are substantial.

Our Denial Management services are here to change the narrative.

Whether it is managing claim rejections, A/R follow ups, Payment Posting, clinical documentation or re-submissions. Our Professionals will manage it all. Best Medical Billing is here to ensure you are on the right side of equation


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Our Best Denial Management Workflow and Reporting


We first Identify the denied claims and accordingly place them in different categories.


After analyzing the claim, the errors would be resolved and further modifications would be made.


To prevent denials in future, the insights gathered would be stored in our database that can be used in future to reduce denial rates.


Our experts would analyze the root cause whether it was denied due to ineligibility, documentation error, administrative issue or anything else.


Now after making the necessary amendments, the claim would be submitted or appealed with the Insurance.


Each and Every submitted claim would be monitored with the help of collected data in previous steps hence increasing the efficiency of the process.

Claim Denial Management

Investigation of Unpaid claims will be done to determine what was the root cause, whether it was due to late submission, incorrect or missing information, documentation error etc.

Workflow Optimization

After identifying potential issues in claim our experts would make suitable corrections needed. These Dedicated Certified professionals would be responsible for streamlining the claim submission process.

A/R Follow Ups

Our A/R Experts would analyze and prioritize the resubmission of claims. Being responsible for collecting their following payments and ensuring that the organization has a good cash flow system.

Payment Posting Services

BMB also manages your Insurance and Patient payments. Whether it is ERA or EOB we make sure the payments are efficiently done and there is enough cash to make your organization float smoothly.

Monitoring and Tracking

Routine Monitoring can help in reducing the potential errors that can result in claim denial. BMB has a team of experts that would continuously monitor your system and make sure everything is aligned.

Perks of Partnering With Us

No Hidden Charges

At least 85 percent of Americans have encountered an unexpected or hidden fee over the past 2 years for a service they had used -Consumer Reports

Unlike our competitors, BMB is Transparent. There is no additional fee for following up on secondary claims or any cost for setting up the system instead our management would provide you the flat rates we charge.

Enhance your Patient Experience

65% of patients believe healthcare cost transparency significantly influences their overall satisfaction with a provider. -Accenture

A Patient experiencing fewer claim denials would most likely have a positive experience with the healthcare facility. This is why having efficient hospital denial management would free up your time and resources.

Maximize Your Cash Flow

According to a report by the Advisory Board Company, a research organization, the fact is that 90% of denials are preventable and nearly 60% of these are recoverable.

BMB would never want you to be part of this Statistic. Getting your documentation, verification and coding sorted out is all you need & the result is faster reimbursement and much higher collection.

BMB Support Specialist

“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” –Jeff Bezos

BMB has a team of support specialists that will always be there for you whether you are stuck in documentation or not being able to understand the software procedures.

How Denial Management Services can TRANSFORM your Business

up to 60%

Deduction in Claim Denials

up to 48%

Better Patient Satisfaction

up to 75%

Deduction in Admin Tasks

up to 35%

More Cash Flow

Every year, billions of dollars are left unclaimed due to denied medical bills.

Don’t let your Institution be part of this Statistics. We have Remote Employees in different US states that are passionately working to help your business grow.

Couldn't Streamline your Workflow?

Why not partner with Best Medical Billing and improve your Financial Performance by up to 3X.
We are not regular billing companies applying their single proven formula on all of their partners. Instead BMB works on crafting personalized strategy for each one of our partners helping to increase your acceptance rate.

Softwares that we can work with

Our Specialists can work with a variety of different softwares.

Denials Impacting Your Cash Flow?

Our Experts Will Turn Them Into Payments.

We utilize a proven denial management process for better reimbursement.

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