Automated Claim Scrubbing Solutions for Private Practices

The key to thriving as a medical practice is effective claim management. However, claim denials can severely impact revenue. Our customized scrubbing solutions target the root causes of denials, optimizing your finances for growth. Let us help you realize the full potential of your claims.

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Benefits of Effective Claim Scrubbing

Reduced Denials

Claim scrubbing's main purpose is to reduce errors in claims processing, the process involves checking of billing documents before submitting them to insurance companies. This results in reduced denials and timely reimbursements.

Quicker Payments

Claim scrubbing helps in reducing the denials through various auditing methods; this helps in enhancing the accuracy of claims. This results in higher and faster reimbursements, optimizing your financial flow.

Better Patient Experience

Claim submission requires time as it involves everything from front desk service to coding and even after waiting patiently, your end result is denial. This affects patient experience, which can be eliminated with effective claim scrubbing.

Boost in Productivity

Getting rid of constant denials not only improves your practice financial health but this ensures that your cash cycle is optimized. Now you can easily focus on patient care and manage staff without any stress.

Strengthen your Practice Health with Solid Claim Scrubbing Services

We know you want the very best for your patients. Their happiness means everything to us too. Most medical billing places just go through the motions, but we care about custom care. Our folks want you to win by giving growth plans, tips to improve, and more.

Let us make your claims super smooth. We check everything before sending claims - patient info, codes, anything missing. Our attention to detail keeps your billing flowing nicely.

Your patients deserve the finest care, so we'll provide the finest service. We'll fight passionately for their needs and your aims, giving custom care when everyone else cuts corners. Growth, strategy, performance - we go past billing to help you succeed. Let us scrub your claims with skill and make your process smooth with hard work.

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Transform your Practice’s Future with Comprehensive and Effective Claim Scrubbing Services

Front Desk Services

Performing patient registration processes and ensuring they are nicely welcomed.

Eligibility Verification

Making sure that the patient is eligible for the services they need.

Medical Coding

Converting the prescriptions and reports into CPT or ICD-10 codes.

Charge Entry

Now comes compiling of the data and codes into one single document.

Claim Submission

Now this revised document will be submitted to the payer.

A/R Follow Ups

Constant follow ups will be conducted to ensure the process isn’t neglected.

Managing Denials

Any denial wouldn’t be abandoned instead they will be corrected and resubmitted.

Payment Posting

Now the payment received will be posted according to the payer receipt.


Weekly, monthly and annual reports will be provided to know about progress.

Reduce Errors and Improve Billing Accuracy with BMB’s Expert Claim Scrubbing Team.

With the help of advanced tools and solid strategies, we will ensure that your system is free of denial disruptions and bad collection rates.

Perks of Partnering with Best Medical Billing

Cost Effective

We aren’t here to snatch a chunk of your revenue instead we offer most practical pricing plans that are customized providing you a wide range of plans to choose from. Moreover, with us you are tension free from hidden charges, because our vision includes “Being Transparent”.

Access to Support Specialists

We understand how important support is when you have to handle dozens of patients a day. Most practitioners need help regarding EHR, which is why our support team will be active throughout the day 24/7 making sure that each and every distraction is eradicated.

Increased Collections

According to various surveys, around 90% of denials could be avoided. These various surveys have indicated the importance of audits that are usually neglected but here at BMB we value it the most. Which is why we have a solid claim scrubbing team that ensures accuracy.

Automated Claim Scrubbing

Automation is the key that helps practices to achieve better workflow systems and plan scalability strategies easily. We use advanced software and tools that help in automating the system, resulting in a much more efficient and faster system.

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