Get Tailored Billing Solutions For Your Cardiology Practice

Is cardiology billing giving you a heartache? We feel your pain. Our team of billing specialists is ready to take on even the most complex cardiology claims so you can breathe easy.

With every beat of your practice, we’ve got the skills and knowledge to code accurately, file claims cleanly, and maximize your collections. You take care of healing hearts. We’ll handle the billing heartburn.

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How are we helping Cardiologists to claim reimbursements fast ...

360° Service Covered

Our Skilled Professionals will cover all your Start, Mid and End operations that help cardiologists to boost their business and enhance patient experience, doing things that really matters. It's not easy to handle clinical, administrative and billing tasks.

Experienced Team

Having an Inexperienced team does more harm than good, for instance coding errors resulting in loss of revenue, lack of privileged knowledge causing reimbursement losses, increase in denial rates and much more.

A/R Management

BMB understands how important is Claim and Denial Management. Our experts will make sure that the claims are being submitted with high accuracy and in perfect time slots. However, sometimes claims get denied due to various reasons.

Actionable Data Reports

Our Experts will provide you with comprehensive weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports.  This data analytics report helps in identifying new ways of increasing revenue. Moreover, we have also reported an increase in operational efficiencies too.

Complete A TO Z Cardiology Billing Services

Prior Pre Authorization

BMB Professionals would go through a detailed verification process eliminating the chances of denial due to eligibility.

Claim Submission

We have a complete Submission Audit system that checks how many claims are timely sent and what’s the acceptance rate.

Cardiology Coding

Our coders ensure that ICD -10 and CPT Codes are directly coded from reports to increase your reimbursements.

Denial Management

BMB has a separate Denial Management Department that checks the denied claims and resubmit them after improving them.

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Lets Optimize Your Cardiology Billing

Is Billing complexities choking your medical practice? Couldn’t focus on things that you are passionate about?  

We would suggest you to not miss the opportunity of streamlining your Cardiology billing and coding process. The healthcare industry is continuously evolving and it will continue to transform leaving no space for the practices who are not equipped with the latest advancements.

This is exactly why we are here, helping physicians to organize and optimize their workflows whether it is documentation, medical coding, claim submission, denial management, prior authorization process, A/R Management, Payment Posting. Regular reporting etc. 

Medical Practitioners can now get all their solutions under one roof. Just Click on the button below to get our Free Demo walking you through our process.

Perks of Partnering with BMB

Specialized Credentialing

BMB also Cardiology Specialists with Credentialing where we do everything for you from CAQH Enrollment to Insurance Contract Negotiations. We also make sure you get 1st Class reimbursements advantage plus you join the favorite payer.

Boost Productivity

With BMB managing your administrative, billing and coding tasks. Physicians can enjoy a great space of time that can be used to enhance patient experience and make plans that can positively impact your business in future.

Bring Your Favorite Software

Unlike other billing companies that promote and force their partners to buy their softwares along with services. BMB instead tells their partners to bring their favorite softwares and our experts will make the best use of it, solving your data migration problems.

Significant Increase in Revenue

Along with optimization our experts also work on different methods of improving your ROI that benefits our cardiologists in the long run. This is why our specialized team will provide you with future plans that can help in boosting revenue.

What Services Does BMB Provide?

Eligibility Check

Compliant CPT Codes

Charge Entry

Claim Submission

Denial Management

AR Follow Ups

AR Follow Ups

Claim Scrubbing

Specialized Cardiology Solutions

Seamless EHR Integration

Rapid Implementation

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