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Our Best Medical Billing Services

Our passion for billing shines with a 99.9% claim acceptance score!

Best Medical Billing believes that doctors and nurses shouldn’t have to chase reimbursements. That’s why our medical billing service providers champion even the most complex medical coding claims to drive the most accurate healthcare insurance reimbursement rates for every physician that uses our end-to-end health revenue cycle management services.

Why choose us as your medical billing outsourcing partner?

The difference between a claim paid and a claim denied is a matter of detail. As your healthcare revenue cycle management partners, our medical billing organization spares no effort in scrubbing your claims, speeding up reimbursements, and managing your denials to net you the most revenue possible for patient check-ups and clinical processes.

Electronic Billing

With a few clicks, claims are submitted to the payors. No more paper claims or postage to slow you down. Practices get paid faster and more accurately.

Claim Scrubbing

Claims are thoroughly checked for errors before submission. Clean claims lead to faster payment, fewer denials, and less follow up work.

Reporting & Analytics

Our robust reporting provides actionable insights into your revenue cycle health + identifies opportunities to maximize collections and stop revenue leakage.

Denial Management

Denials are analyzed to find the root cause. Best medical billing solutions are put in place to recover lost revenue and achieve 1st pass claim acceptance rate.

Billing solutions for all billing problems


Missing charges and unpaid claims add up, resulting in lost revenue. With increasing administrative burdens, it’s impossible for providers to capture every billable charge and follow up on unpaid claims.


Our medical billing experts recover lost revenue by capturing all billable charges, reducing write-offs, and relentlessly pursuing payments on unpaid claims through strategic appeals and payer outreach.


The long delay between rendering services and receiving payment plays havoc with your cash flow. How can you keep the lights on and make payroll when reimbursement lags months behind your costs?


We make it a top priority to follow up aggressively on delayed payments and get your claims paid as fast as possible. Count on a steady stream of reimbursement with our best billing protocols.


The constant struggle with denied claims is a total frustration for providers. Valuable time is wasted re-submitting claims, only to face more denials. Revenue cycle suffers, and patients are left with unpaid bills.


Our 99% claim acceptance rate means the denial ratio is almost negligible. But even if an insurance company rejects your good faith efforts with a terse denial, we appeal it until you are paid fairly for your vital work.


The insurance company sharpshooters are watching, ready to accuse you of unbundling – splitting procedure codes to overbill. Even an honest mistake can lead to steep penalties and damaged reputation.


As your medical billing service provider, we ensure your claims are properly bundled and coded to avoid allegations of impropriety. You can sleep soundly knowing your billing is ethical and audit-proof.


Incorrectly assigning higher-level codes to inflate reimbursement is fraudulent and can damage a provider’s reputation. However, providers sometimes miss billable charges or use incorrect codes due to complexity.


Our best medical billers code accurately based on documentation, ensuring your claims are compliant and honest. You can hold your head high knowing your billing is appropriate and above board.


Just one wrong modifier carrying important billing information could trigger a denied claim, unnecessary audit, or underpayment. With all you have to focus on in caring for patients, who has time to comb through modifier minutiae?


We use correct modifiers on claims per payer guidelines. Our billing team stays current on modifier policies through continuous education. We validate modifier usage through internal audits to prevent underpayment.


Is the patient covered? By what plan? What’s the policy on this service? The endless uncertainties around insurance verification can stress you before you’ve even seen your first patient of the day.


Our best medical billing company ensures you get preauthorization when needed and advises you on patient benefits and out-of-pocket costs. Just point us to the patient, and we’ll handle the insurance details.

Best Medical Billing


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Best Medical Billing vs. In-House Billing

With BMB

In-House Staff


Certified 1CD-10 Expertise

Lacks ICD-10 training


Regular audits ensure accuracy

Prone to errors


Stronger credentialing resources

Weaker credentialing support


Advanced medical billing software

Outdated manual billing processes


Scalable anytime

Has capacity limits

Best Medical Billing wins

Our physician billing company has helped healthcare facilities across the USA to collect more in less time on auto-pilot.

Partner with the Best 👑

For the best in medical billing outsourcing, providers find their solution with our certified patient billers and coders.

Revolutionize Revenue Cycle via Your Medical Billing Software

What makes us the best medical billing company is that we can help healthcare providers to optimize their existing billing software as well. This allows for better visibility into patient finances, real-time analytics, record-keeping, aging buckets, and net collections. Plus, it also simplifies medical practice management.

Experience the future of high-tech care with EHR optimizations

EHRs are a wise choice for modern medical practices, and we understand that. Our medical billing company specialists can work with a doctor’s existing EHR to provide a seamless experience that combines advanced analytics with effortless usability. By automating workflows and providing real-time clinical decision support, we can help reduce busywork for physicians. Additionally, we can optimize your current EHR with 2024 medical billing features like telehealth and patient engagement.

Promoting healthcare practices in this digital age

Best medical billing boosts your revenue, but modern healthcare providers need robust digital marketing too. Therefore, our end-to-end healthcare BPO services include medical billing plus social media, SEO and more to promote practices locally and online. We help healthcare facilities engage, get found, and rank higher in their target patient audience.

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